BEGINNINGS - Book 1 of the TOMB, the TEMPLE, the TREASUREbeginnings - book 1 of the tomb, the temple, the treasure

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"Brilliant really enjoyed the book, can't wait for the next one, I'd recommend it to a friend, I had problems putting it down." (JD - UK)

"The action starts from the first page and carries on throughout the book. It's like a huge blockbuster action movie full of action and great characters. Likeable heroes and shady villains." (Researcher)

"I was so engrossed in the book I read it through in one setting and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The story is interesting and exciting enough to keep you hooked to the last page, and further. I will also buy the second installment when it is released later this year. If it is as good as part 1, Ben will go even further up my favorite authors list, maybe even to the top." (EC)

"I thought this story was fantastic and gave the reader lots of wonderful information and it made me feel I was travelling the adventure as well. I can't wait to see what happens to Ben next. Please make it soon!!!" (CA)

"First things first. I have read Ben Hammott's other Non-Fiction books but this is his first novel. When I first heard Ben was writing a novel based on his previous research and discoveries as revealed in his book Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar: Rennes-le-Chateau Secrets and Discoveries, I wasn't sure how well it would transcend into novel form. However, for those who have read Ben's Lost Tomb book, it is apparent from his humorous and yet enthralling writing style, the basics were there to succeed. I had always thought the way Ben solved the clues in the ancient French church in Rennes-le-Chateau to eventually lead him to a tomb complete with a mummified body and chests of treasure, would make a great movie, but would it make a a great novel? If so has Ben pulled it off?

I was hooked from the first page. As usual, Ben's writing style makes for a pleasant and enjoyable read. I was soon drawn into the story wondering where I was going to be led next, and there were surprises along the way. It certainly is an exciting romp through history, but it all has a purpose, and as the back cover description says, all are connected.
I won't give anything away as I don't wish to spoil others enjoyment finding out what happens themselves, but there is a certain part in Ben's book where the main character has to kill someone, it must be the funniest assault in history. I laughed out loud for ages. I have gone back to read it again on more than one occasion and it always makes me laugh. It is worth the price of the book just for this part. I have had a few guests for dinner and I give them the book to read this section, and wait for the laughter to begin and it always does.
I am not sure how he does it, but even though the book is funny in places, it doesn't distract from the seriousness of the situation or the danger the characters find themselves in.

As you can probably guess, I thoroughly enjoyed Ben's Beginnings book and cannot recommend it enough. It really is an exciting archaeological adventure that goes places I think no other author has yet trod. If I was pushed, the Roslyn catacombs story was perhaps my favorite section of the book. I was impressed by the way Ben brought together all the different time era's, linking them to what was happening in the present, like a chain of evidence in a crime scene.
" (AS)

"This was a good book, there was times I couldn't put it down. would recommend this book to any avid reader." (MJ)

"After reading Beginnings vol. 1 - in a flash I might add - I think it's one of the most, really MOST interesting books published lately on the RLC mysteries. From now on when I say `Ben' I'm referring to the main character in the book and when I say `Ben Hammott' I mean the author, Ben Hammott the Tomb Man. Alright, let's start it. The characters are very well described, with neat personalities, very well delineated each one of them. There are a lot of details in 'Beginnings' which deserve attention, whether we are evaluating the prose for its terse or realistic way, evaluating the amount of speculation Ben Hammott has put in Beginnings, or anything else, but it's almost impossible to recall them all, and I haven't put them down to paper so it'll have to be a small book review. In the overall, the book is a good mix of literature, information, speculation, and a good thriller also. I'm looking forward for part two. I think both Ben Hammott the book's editors and all collaborators all deserve congratulations. 'Beginnings' is a GREAT book.
Action description is very good too, with no useless moments. As a matter of fact, with little imagination effort you can, actually, drop in inside the events and live them, sec by sec. The whole is very realistic, like the novels from the 19's realistic writers: easy to get in to and picture everything in your mind, giving you a very bright mental movie. The timing of the whole thing is breathtaking, like a good action movie from the USA. I can tell the difference between average and good writing because I'm a high school teacher, I teach philosophy."

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An exciting action adventure that took me to many places I would have liked to explore. The final chapter is one of the best I have read. Buy it, read it, enjoy it.” (cosmo lit)

I had been looking forward to the second instalment of the Tomb, the Temple, the Treasure for some time now since reading Beginnings, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
So when I received the review copy I began reading it at the first opportunity.
From the first chapter I was hooked and found it difficult to stop turning the pages.
Ben’s easy writing style I first encountered in Beginnings, continues in this second instalment to make for an effortless read. The locations are atmospheric. The characters are interesting. The story thrilling and well written. The ending was completely unexpected, which I found enormously satisfying. My only criticism of the Priest’s Secret is that it concluded the story. I would have liked it to continue but perhaps that is just me being selfish. An excellent novel that I have no qualms about recommending
.” (Indy-review-USA)

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beginnings - book 1 - the tomb, the temple, the treasure
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