Chateau d'Hautpoul at Rennes-le-Chateau

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Left - Mr Fatin's collection protected from theft by chicken wire.

Right - A closer view of what I assume to be old roof tiles from the chateau. I am unsure if these symbols were originally there and have just been highlighted in gold so they can be seen, or Mr Fatin has been artistic and just painted them on. Whatever the case, what is interesting is that Graham Simmons' partner, Ingrid, showed us an ancient looking book discovered by Graham and Henry Buthion, who was the owner of Sauniere's domain at the time. The old book had been hidden, presumably by Sauniere, behind a skirting board in one of the upstairs rooms in the Villa Bethania. Written in Arabic, the book also contained similar looking symbols as those seen on Fatin's roof tiles. When Graham had it translated he discovered that it contained, among other things, protection spells to ward off evil. Why would Sauniere hide a book containing spells against evil in the villa Bethania? Very strange.


More Symbols.                                               Henri Fatin's plan of the chateau.



Left - A smiling stone carving that once adorned the chateau walls.

Right - Another cupboard containing more of Mr Fatin's precious objects. What is of interest is the square object middle-left, it is a metal chest.


Anchient Chest

The Ancient Chest

This Ancient looking chest interests me a lot. The 'messages' I have discovered mention a second chest containing Templar documents. Could this be that chest? Mr Fatin, becoming suspicious of all our questions about the chateau and not his beloved fossils, was reluctant to talk about it but did say he it was very old, it was found in the Chateau and it was empty. We know the d'Hautpoul's were connected to the Templars, so it is not difficult to assume this chest once contained Templar documents, is the same one mentioned in the 'messages' perhaps? though I hope it isn't, as if it is, the documents have disappeared. Maybe the documents could have been taken from the chest and given to the priest Bigou for safe keeping and he placed them in another chest and then hid it somewhere before he fled to Spain. Hopefully this chest still exists and is still waiting to be found somewhere.


Secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau

THE PRIEST'S SECRET Book 2 ot the Tomb, the Temple, the Treasure Beginnings by Ben Hammott
Secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau

THE PRIEST'S SECRET Book 2 ot the Tomb, the Temple, the Treasure Coming Soon


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Rennes-le-Chateau research by Ben Hammott - Inside the Chateau d'Hautpoul at Rennes-le-Chateau.


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