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The Lost Tomb of Jesus

The controversial new documentary by James Cameron.

More Details of the Documentary and the Book Here.

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A new movie about the Priory of Sion and Rennes-le-Chateau

Visit the Bloodline Movie website

Latest Major Update - May, 2007

New NEWS and FILM Page and a Great new FILM TRAILER.

Plus - on U-Tube 2 leaked film clips.

CLIP 1     -     CLIP 2




The Journal of the Rennes Alchemist is being re lunched with a new name.

More details of the new issue here.



Dan Green finds a similarity between Sauniere's model and the city of Lincoln!

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The Bloodline producer answers 17 questions put forward by Andrew Gough. Also from same link 17 questions answered by:

Jean-Luc Robin

Jean-François Lhuilier

Henry Lincoln

Philip Coppens

Dan Green





Revealed: Himmler's secret quest to locate the 'Aryan Holy Grail'

By Graham Keeley in Barcelona

Published: 06 February 2007




Mona Lisa




Otto Rahn believed that he had found the location of the Holy Grail Mountain, the Montsalvat of legend, in the Cathar mountain fortress of Montsegur in the French Pyrenees. He was, says Prof. Joscelyn Godwin, "largely responsible for the mythological complex that associated the Cathars and Montsegur with the Holy Grail and its Castle.

Also some photos and info here: Andrew Gough



The Mayor speaks out about the

Rennes-le-Chateau mystery.


He also describes the condition of Sauniere's body when it was moved, putting to rest it seems the rumours of the priest's body never being relocated.





On Friday the 13th, October 1307, Paris, France - Templar Downfall - Come and Learn the Truth.
Join Philip Gardiner and other leading speakers in Paris for the journey of a lifetime. October 8-15, 2007.

Followed By:
Optional Extension Tour to
"Mystical Sites of France"
Chartres, Cathar Castles, Rennes-le-Château,
(Holy Grail, "Da Vinci Code" sites)
Plus more!
October 15-22, 2007



Van Eyck: The Painting Heretic?

by Philip Coppens

Jan Van Eyck is considered as one of the founders of modern painting techniques. But Van Eyck is also known as an alchemist and may have left us with a powerful, magical talisman: The Adoration of the Lamb.





Found: one Ark of the Covenant?

by Philip Coppens

Just before the First World War, a team of European explorers went to Jerusalem, to dig for the Ark of the Covenant. Like genuine “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, their account became the centre of an international controversy, whereby some reports even suggested they left Jerusalem with the prized possession.


Vingt-Trois appointed member of the Congregation for Bishops

Yesterday, Monseigneur Vingt-Trois was appointed member of the Congregation for Bishops by Pope Benedict XVI. The Congregation for Bishops was erected in 1588 by Pope Sixtus V and has the power to create bishoprics and bishops. Earlier this year Vingt-Trois became the Archbishop of Paris. High circles in the Vatican confirm that he will be made a Cardinal soon. 'Vingt Trois' was part of the last words of Abbé Saunière of Rennes-le-Château. They are believed to be of prophetic value or to contain a clue to the Abbé's secrets.



Interesting article connected to the images appearing on 'Sauniere's Bookplate' on the Alchemy Website.

Susanna Åkerman. Christina of Sweden (1626-1689), the Porta Magica and the Italian poets of the Golden and Rosy Cross.

View my research on 'Sauniere's Bookplate HERE.


Latest news on the 'Jesus Tomb'

Jesus Tomb Not Mary Magdalene's




Andy Gough investigates one of the overlooked facts of the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery, in his new article "Curiosities of Louis de Coma and his Stations of the Cross".



Does the Pontil's Tomb appear in a second painting by Nicolas Poussin?

A Belgian Rennes-le-Château researcher by name of Beauseant, thinks it might in a version of 'Rest on the Flight to Egypt', an engraving of the original painting unfortunately now lost.

Check out Beauseant's great article HERE.

Andrew's Gough's Arcadia Website

Posted 11th May 2007

Researcher and first time author Maxwell N. Field has quietly produced some of the most original research in the study of Rennes-le Château in quite some time. His new book, The Carthusian Connection: The trail from the Cathars to Shugborough, takes us on a fascinating journey through the French Savoy. Along the way, we learn how the history of the Carthusians, Cistercians, Kinghts Templars and the French Merovingian kings relate to the greater Rennes-le Château mystery.

17 Questions Maxwell Field

City of Secrets

More info on Andrew Gough's Arcadia website HERE

In the fifties, a fifteen-year-old girl escapes from her dull, English life to the sun-drenched cobbles of provincial Europe. When she falls in love with an ancient but otherwise unremarkable bourgeois town she falls, too, for its favourite son. Both relationships will last a lifetime. Over the years, the woman returns again and again to the town, and her lover. She meets strange and wonderful people - including Jean Cocteau and Umberto Eco - and hears tales of visions, a phenomenally wealthy priest, a fabulous garden and a beautiful Frenchwoman. The priest is Abbe Sauniere, of Rennes-le-Chateau. Solving the mysteries surrounding his discoveries and sudden wealth have formed the basis of the modern Grail phenomenon - from blockbuster novels and movies to historical analysis and high-profile court cases. Cast as the detective in her own story, and in a series of dramatic twists and turns, the woman finds herself at the heart of a world she barely knew existed. People she has known for over fifty years, members of a secret society set up to protect Abbe Sauniere's legacy, are asking her to act as their messenger. She must take some of their most important secrets, and make them known. This is her story, and their secrets revealed. Rich with photographs, letters and historical documents, it fills in key gaps in one of the most compelling mysteries of all time. It is also a page-turning, true-life adventure set in a beautiful and ancient city, where nothing is as it first appears.

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Andy' Gough's 17 Questions featuring Patrice Chaplin

Rarely does a new twist to an old mystery come along quite like this. In her new book, City of Secrets, Patrice Chaplin opens the door to entirely new and compelling element of the Rennes-le-Château mystery; the Spanish connection, namely the Catalan capital of Girona.



A Man's Best friend by Corjan da Raaf

Forget the usual suspects. They’ve been done to death. Arcadia regular Corjan de Raaf takes us on a path less traveled; Abbé Eugène Grassaud, the best friend of Rennes-le-Château icon Bérenger Saunière. A priest’s closest friend, what better place to look for clues?

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