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Berenger Sauniere's Rennes-le-Château Spell book

Abbé Saunière's Sketchbook

Above is the book seen in the l’abbé Sauniere museum  located in the Presbytery and Villa Bethania at Rennes-le-Chateau. Its closed pages reveal many drawings and a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be shown the book and look at and photograph the drawings inside, some of which I have included below.

New Drawings added 21/12/2012

Inside cover of Abbé Sauniere's book

Close-up of the handwriting

If anyone is able, and willing, to translate the above writing, I will post the translation here.

Close-up of the strange doodle drawn in drawn in a damaged part of the page

Unknown person but it looks as if he is wearing a helmet from a suit of amour, or perhaps a crash helmet?

Lion and snake Drawing

This drawing might represent the lion of judah taking on the snake which represents evil spirits.

Dream explanations added for interest:

Lion Dream Explanation — The lion is a ruler, a tyrant, or a powerful and very dangerous person, in view of the ferocity and devastating anger of that animal. It also symbolizes the warrior, the swindler, the thief, the treacherous worker, the policeman, the insatiable enemy, and perhaps hardships and death, because he who stares at it turns pale, loses his self-control, and is as good as dead, says Ibn Siren. Furthermore, it represents the ruler who embezzles public funds and commits injustice and the lurking enemy. The lioness symbolizes the daughter of a king.

Snake Dream Explanation - (Boy; Contemptible person; Enemy; Hidden treasure; Idolatry; Innovators; Power; Unjust ruler; Woman) A snake in dream represents a person who lives in a valley. A snake in a dream also means enmity from one's in-laws or children, or it could represent the evil and jealousy of one's neighbour. A sleeping snake in a dream means a sleeping enemy. In general a snake or a serpent in a dream represent jealousy, envy, perfidy, swindling people's properties, deceit and an avowed enmity. Killing a snake in a dream and staining one's hands with its blood means destroying one's enemy. A snake in one's dream also represents a rich enemy, for its poison means money. If one sees snakes being killed in the streets in a dream, it means a war. A small snake in a dream represents a little child. Hunting snakes in a dream means tricking or deceiving one's enemies. A black snake in a dream represents a strong enemy. A white snake in a dream represents a weak enemy. If one sees a snake talking to him and saying nice words to him in a dream, it means enjoying pleasant moments with one's adversary, or benefiting at the hands of one's enemy.

Figure Drawings


Louis XIII                                      Henry IV


Left - This drawing is unlabelled but could it be Louis XIV?   Right - Unknown figure

Perhaps an early sketch of the bird and some of the porch details Sauniere wanted designed

Various drawings



This word was written below the leaf drawing but I do not know what word it is. Ideas anyone?


Drawing of a yacht or schooner named La Julie


It seems the book may have once belonged to Sauniere's father, Joseph, and he may have been responsible for some of the drawings featured here.

A jumble of signatures

Someone has been practicing their signature, in particular the 'S' of Sauniere

It seems likely Bérenger Sauniere was responsible for some of the above drawings and perhaps his father as well.

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