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Berenger Sauniere's Rennes-le-Château Spell book

Did the Abbé Saunière poison himself?

A while ago I posted an article about one of Saunière's library books that came to light.

Office de La Quinzaine de Paques

Written across the top of one page are two lines of text, the following image shows the text of interest.

It seems to read 'emplatze de cigue'

The nearest I could find to this for Google Translate to make sense of was 'emplâtre de ciguë' which translates as 'poultice of hemlock' If this is correct then it is very interesting as Hemlock can be used as a poison. What was Sauniere up to?

If anyone reading this has a better translation of the above two pieces of text, please email me so I can add it here.

Someone recently sent what may be the correct translation: EMPLATRE de CIGUE. Which means tape (med.) of hemlock. Hemlock Medicine.

Previously, I also posted an article about Saunière's drawing book that is on show in the Rennes-le-Château museum. A leaf drawing on one of the pages seems to be of Hemlock. Abbe Sauniere's Drawings


Possible Hemlock Leaf drawing and Poison Hemlock Leaf

Poison hemlock leaves are compound and arranged alternately on the stem.

Poison hemlock leaf

In former times Hemlock was used as a cure for the following diseases:

Breathing problems including bronchitis, whooping cough, and asthma; and for painful conditions including teething in children, swollen and painful joints, and cramps. Hemlock is also used for anxiety and mania. Other uses include treatment of spasms tumours, skin infections, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Sydenham’s chorea, and bladder infections.

Perhaps Saunière suffered from one of these ailments and it built up in his system until it caused his death.

An alternative theory is that he committed suicide!

Many have suggested Saunière was poisoned after two strangers visited him at Rennes-le-Château. They drunk wine and chatted on the Belvedere before they left.

It was shortly after this that Saunière fell ill and was found by Marie on the ground by the entrance to the Tour Magdala.

Because of what he had discovered, or done, was Saunière threatened by the mysterious strangers? Or did they threaten to harm those he loved? Marie for instance.

Was Saunière's solution to the dilemma to take his own life by an overdose of Hemlock poison?

Yes, these theories are preposterous, but that does not mean it is not true.

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